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The DISPA-µ R is a dry type spacer spraying device giving precise control of gas and spacer volume, and uniform spraying. A high-performance device for uniform, even, and rapid spraying.

・Fine capillary feed system for trace quantity sprayinrg.
・High gas flow rate system for dispersed spraying.
・Unique sprayer nozzle for improved uniformity.
・Unique spray chamber for efficient use of spacer.
・Spraying time, spray volume easily regulated.

External Lubricator

To mold tablets, it is required to mix a small amount of lubricator with the main ingredient and excipient
beforehand in order to suppress the difficulty in tablet-molding, but it is known that it has a bad effect
on hardness and disintegration of tablets. This apparatus enables production of tablets free of internal lubricator, by directly spraying the lubricate to the upper and lower pestles and mortars to coat the powder contact surface with it.

Equipment Info

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  • Mixers
  • Sprayers
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  • Conveyers
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