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Powder is used in a vast range of fields, including foods, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, metals, ceramics and electronics. Treatment and highly accurate processing of powders is thus a key to competitiveness. Drawing on technology accumulated over many years by Nisshin Flour Milling Inc.Nisshin Engineering has engaged in continuous development of powder handling machinery. The Company designs and manufactures equipment and systems adaptable to powder characteristics, from particle size controlling equipment (for grinding, classification, etc.) to powder handling machinery (for feeding, mixing, transporting, packing, etc.).
Nisshin Engineering's dedication, along with its extensive knowledge of powder characteristics, has made it second to none in the world in this key area.


Turbo Classifier

Aerofine Classifier

Eddy Classifier

The Turbo Classifier, a high-precision air classifier, was the first machine in the world to enable submicron classifying.

Aerofine Classifier and Eddy Classifier, both a semi-free vortex type air classifier, which covers a wide range of desired cut point ranging from 0.3 to 30 microns and 30 to 300microns respectively.

The Turbo Classifier was awarded the "Ten Most Distinguished New Products Award" by the Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper, while the Dispa-µR garnered the "New Excellent Products and Services Award," presented by the Nikkei Newspaper.


Super Jet Mill

Super Rotor / Blade Mill

Super Jet Mill(SJ) has two-stage classification system which achieves to produce only fine powder with sharp particle distriburion. It is suitable for materials requiring not only a fine average diameter but also a sharp distribution powder, such as electric industry material.

Super Rotor(SR)/Blade Mill(BM) has a unique rotor which makes possible stable pulverizing and long-term low-cost operation. Fine pulverization of powder can be achieved without over pulverization, and the processed material will have a very sharp particle distribution.



By tilting round containers, mixing is performed highly accurately and quickly by the Hi-X, a mixer that realizes powder surface enhancement.


Transporting and Handling


Super Dense Flow


The FeedCon-µ is a powder feeder that enables a constant, smooth feeding at an extremely low feed rate, even for very sticky powders. The Super Dense Flow is a high-density pneumatic transportation system that transports powders without damaging the granules, while preventing abrasion of piping. The Dispa-µR is widely used for the distribution of spacer used in LCDs.

In-Line Sifter

In-line Sifter(Great Western Manufacturing)

They are sifters engineered to work under pressure rather than a pressure vessel adapted to act like a sifter. Because Great Western put the priority in sifting, our in-line sifters incorporate the features engineers, sanitarians, maintenance personnel and operators have come to expect in any reliable gravity flow sifter.

The Great Western In-Line Tru-Balance Sifter allows direct insertion into a vacuum or pressure pneumatic conveying line and is intended as a quality assurance tool for removing a small amount of oversized impurities from the product. Placed in pneumatic unloading or transfer systems, the In-Line Tru-Balance eliminates equipment such as cyclone receivers, airlocks, receiving hoppers and blowers which would be required if a standard (atmospheric pressure) sifter were utilized. All product contact surfaces are fabricated of stainless steel which insures compliance with the most stringent sanitation standards. Our In-Line Tru-Balance Sifters are built in two different models to achieve capacities up to 1,000 lbs/min. of flour.

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