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NEPTIS-24 was held.

NEPTIS (Nisshin Engineering Particle Technology International Seminar) has been held annually since 1992 for the development of the Japanese particle technology and has been focusing on the unofficial discussion by researchers from both in and outside of Japan and on deepening the friendship among them.

NEPTIS was held with 50 lecturers and participants at Komaba Research Campus of Tokyo University on Friday October 30, 2015 this fiscal year, changing its attraction to as a public seminar to help business people since 2013 fiscal year.

The theme this time was “advanced powder simulation technologies for industrial applications” targeting from fine particles to coarse particles, such as from nanoparticles to colloids. Lectures and subsequent question-and-answer sessions were actively taken place with reference to a variety of latest numerical simulation technologies from the discrete element method of powder simulation technology that becomes a current mainstream, the finite element method that is a standard in structure analysis, to the fusion of them FEMDEM.

The followings are the lecturers and their subject of the lecture and the advisers.


・Associate Professor Mikio Sakai,Organizer(Tokyo University)
“Application of an advanced multiphase flow simulation technology to powder processes”
・Professor Wei Wang(Chinese Academy of Sciences,China)
“Meso-scale modeling: beyond local equilibrium assumption for multiphase flow”
・Professor Kozo Takayama(Hoshi University)
“Prediction of the quality characteristics of medical tablets based on the residual stress distribution”
・Chief Scientist Jiansheng Xiang(Imperial College London,England)
“Numerical methods for particulate materials: from Discrete Element Method to Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method”
・Associate Professor Takeaki Araki(Kyoto University)
“Numerical simulation method of colloidal dispersion system in consideration of a hydrodynamic effect”
・Associate Professor Feng Xiao(Tokyo Institute of Technology)
“Multiphase flow coupling analysis using a fluid model in consideration of calculation efficiency and robustness”
・Emer.Prof. Jusuke Hidaka (Doshisha University)
“A new electrostatic powder painting system pioneered by powder simulation”


・Emer.Prof. Hiroaki Masuda (Kyoto University)
・Emer.Prof. Yutaka Tsuji (Osaka University)
・Emer.Prof. Ko Higashitani (Kyoto University)
・Emer.Prof. Fumio Saito (Tohoku University)
・Emer.Prof. Kikuo Okuyama (Hiroshima University)

Equipment Info

  • Air Classifiers
  • Pulverizers
  • Mixers
  • Sprayers
  • Feeders
  • Conveyers
  • IBC Systems